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Re: E-3 or new lense for E-1 for close ups?

Alec lots of good advice here and several ways to go. I have a 35mm macro too and was wondering what your images were like using the Sigma achromatic lens on it. My only complaint is how close you have to get with the 35mm does the added lens make that even closer? I've done a bit of Googling as you got me thinking and I found this.
He seems to be pretty close to your part of the country.
Anyway I suspect you are getting pretty good macros already with your setup so I guess your best option would be better basic glass so maybe go for the Olympus 50mm macro lens?
Having said all that though the Opteka that David suggested is remarkably cheap at 20 for a 58mm one. Might even have a think about that myself. Or even go for a Sigma achromatic like you did.
How about posting some of your current shots so people can see what you are looking to improve on. It may be that you want to consider multiple image focus stacking as a way forward too something I've wanted to have a go at for a while but not quite got round to it yet.
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