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Re: E-3 or new lense for E-1 for close ups?

Personally I'd opt for lenses, and stick with your E-1. Even if you buy another body, you will still need a decent lens to get the most from it. A decent and fast lens will make your efforts to capture macro shots of insects a lot easier. I do have an however though.....I've not looked through the viewfinder of an E3 or E-5, but the major drawback for macro insect shots to both my E-1 and E-620 is the small view through the viewfinder. Compared to my current 35mm film camera (Nikon FM2), the difference when trying to focus on an insects eye or whatever is rather profound, especially for really precise focussing (I always use 'set' manual focussing, and move in to my subject). It is really hard work like this with the E-1, but you do eventually get used to it, so maybe that might be a deciding factor for you if the E3 or E5 have bigger, brighter viewfinders. Can anyone comment further on the difference between the size of the view in the viewfinders between the E-1, E-3 and E-5 ??
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