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Re: Caerphilly Castle - Fireworks

Originally Posted by stevednp3 View Post

This is my favourite, would love to know what you think and what could have been done to improve.
Taken on e5 & 12-60mm
Lovely shot and would second most of the previous comments. The colours and sharpness of the main fireworks are spot on.

Re improvements . . . . the reflection could have worked better if there had been more reflecting in the pool, but as the fireworks that are reflected are fairly minimal in impact, I might had done two or three things (with the proviso that, as usual, it's a hell of a lot easy to critique than to do, and that this is being really picky but at least it responds to your query ) -
  • with the image as is, I might explore lightening up the castle a little and if possible to make it more key to the image
  • if possible with your location and the lens, gone for an even wider view and got the better part of the reflecting fireworks
  • or with the image as is, tightened up the view and cropped out the pool and possibly some of the left hand firework as I feel the dark strip with little lights jars a little due to its division of the overall image. The benefit of this is that the castle and the fireworks become more central and it would show up the castle more with its amazing mass of fireworks directly above.

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