Thread: HELP! E-PL1 and 4/3 lens use
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Old 23rd August 2011
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Re: E-PL1 and 4/3 lens use

There are a few sellers on e-bay offerring 4/3 - m4/3'rds adapters, they are useless unless you have a fully manual 4/3'rds lens (say a samyang or a legacy lens which already has a 4/3'rds adapter).

The problem is all Olympus 4/3'rds lenses need electrical contacts to focus (even in m/f for most) and to control the aperture.

Can't see the jinfinance listing for a 4/3'rd to m4/3'rd but unless it replicates the chip and contact mapping it's a no-no.

The 40-150 plus an olympus adapter works well on a Pen.

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