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Re: Thinking of buying a 70-300mm Zuiko

Originally Posted by TYS1977 View Post
Hi Graham,
Many thanks for the advice,
The ones I was watcing on ebay are new ones I believe from some of the photo shops on there,Arbroath cameras etc,Hadn't seen 'em on Amazon but will have a look,

Kindest regards
Be aware that a lot of e-bay stuff is grey import - nothing wrong with that as the supplier will have paid the duty etc (or should have). But offers such as cashbacks are usually limited to European stock as the come out of the European marketing budget to sell lenses in Europe. They also don't get the 2'nd years warrantee - because again that's met from the European budget for......

Of course not all e-bay stock is grey, the supplier should tell you if you ask.

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