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Re: Using an LED Ring Light as a Focus Aid

Originally Posted by PeterD View Post
Good morning Ross

That is quite a lighting set-up and from your linked thread it produces really great results.
I am not familiar with your LED ring light. I use the Metz ring light which is great except that I need to modify it to diffuse the light more. Any suggestions on this would be most welcome.
I take it your set-up is completely TTL controlled. I wonder if you could share with me the TTL settings for each channel?
Thanks for sharing.
G'day Peter,

This is the ring light I have which is quite affordable. I was sort of hoping it might relieve me of using the flashes, but not so, just adding to them.

The LED ring light I bought has the extra ring for 72mm to fit the Sigma 150 macro lens but a little trimming of the entry of the housing was necessary to fit over the 72mm filter & the ring size is smaller than 72mm (67mm) which in some circumstances may cause very slight vignetting but since I've left the compensation setting ON (which probably won't apply here anyhow) in my E30, I haven't noticed any. It is only just bright enough for the 35mm lens (but could be a lot more) & just not bright enough to give a short enough exposure time with the Sigma 150 lens, that is, if it is hand held, altghough something static, with tripod wouldn't matter. Because I'm using flashes for exposure, the relative low output from the ring doesn't show in the catch lights.

The settings were, using RC mode, between -7 to +3 with FP selected (which probably should have been set to normal flash) & using f16 for most of those photos. If you were to temporarily save the photos & opened them in Oly Viewer & checked the Basic data, you would see the whole set up of the RC mode for each channel etc. It's great when you can go back & review all that later.

Is the Metz Ring Light a flash or LED?
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