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Re: Anyone print A3 ?

I print up to A2 using a secondhand Epson 3880, previous history unknown but bought as 'little used'. It did need some ink and a new waste ink pad.

To get it going I got some compatible ink from a company in Manchester, at around 17 per cartridge (Epson are around 54) although the printer does complain as it detects non epson cartridges. Luckily it does not refuse to print like some models.

I have also bought a used 'colormunki' calibration device which I use to profile screen and paper. As seems normal, prints come out too dark so I have to up the brightness by +50 in PS to get them the same as on screen. If I try it the other way (adjust screen brightness) then my internet pages are quite dark.

Only thing I dislike about this printer is that panoramas are limited to around one meter total length and I would like to have longer ones off roll paper (say up to 3m, that would be really something).

Cost per print using fotospeed A3 is around 1.20. Which is probably comparable with using an online printshop.

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