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Re: Camera JPEGs a bit iffy?

At the risk of teaching you to suck eggs....

The .ORF file is the RAW sensor output and is the full file, at a ratio of 4:3

The JPEG files are processed within the camera to give the corrections needed to allow for the best output. Including cropping the output to the selected shape in the output menu, I don't have an OM10, but the choices vary from 4:3, the same as the sensor to 19:6 - wide angle TV shape, with several in-between, so the first check is "do you have the JPEG set to the same shape output as the .ORF?"
The .ORF file includes the Olympus lens correction algorithms so the JPEG "should" be the same shape.
As for the exposure this could be due to a number of factors, including the mode you've asked the photo to be rendered in, there are a series of choices - including muted, vivid and so on, so again check you have the camera set to "Natural" or there will be a difference.

If you've checked all the above and all is in order then come back and we'll try and help!

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