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Re: A dog is for life, not just for Brexit.

Originally Posted by Naughty Nigel View Post
So do you believe that living your entire life through a small, hand held device and never speaking to another human being is 'progress'?

Or for that matter allowing huge American outfits to destroy towns and jobs whilst bleeding the economy dry?

Originally Posted by DerekW View Post
I used to work for a huge US company so they are singing from my hymn sheet.
It seems you are possibly singing from their hymn sheet.

As a UK resident apparently residing in sunny Hampshire perhaps you should consider replacing your American hymn sheet with a British version.

Relating to one of your posts on another thread, we in the UK don't usually call the season that follows summer the "Fall" we prefer to use the British term, "Autumn" although I do concede both terms are considered acceptable.

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