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Photos: E-1 vs E-620

I thought this comparison might be interesting; forgive me if it's mundane.
The e-1 photo was cropped, 2000x1500, before resizing to 1000x750 for the web.
The e-620 photo remained full size, 4000x3000 before web sizing to 1000x750.
(The e-1 photo was cropped only to make the field of view match in both photos because the e-1 photo was shot at 24mm versus the e-620's 30mm.)
Both shots used the same lens (12-60swd), on a tripod and both were focus stacks where five or six similar photos are run through software that picks out the sharpest bits to make the best image. The only other significant difference was the apertures: f5.6 for the e-1 and f13 for the e-620. So advantage there goes to the e-1.
Do keep in mind these are crunched jpegs, and obviously, my procedure is wildly unscientific. The idea came as an afterthought, using two photos taken months apart. But it does suggest that the e-1 has no trouble competing with the larger sensor, even when cropped to only 3MP.

There is more of this sort of silliness at my website:
At that page, #3, #4, and #7 were taken with the e-1. It's love, I tell ya!

from the e-1

from the e-620
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