Thread: For sale E-M5 MkI converted to IR
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Old 13th September 2018
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Re: E-M5 MkI converted to IR

Originally Posted by raichea View Post
Thanks for the corroboration.

I wouldn't think you use a full-spectrum conversion without either an IR, UV or visible bandpass filter in place so the lens wouldn't have to focus the full range anyway, surely?

Many of my shots with the camera are with a filter in place but certainly not all. My native lenses don't have particularly high IR transmission particularly at longer wavelengths so that might help.
As an example here's a panorama taken FS without a filter fitted which doesn't immediately jump out as having a significant non visual component.
View from Carnasserie castle_stitch small by Mike Kanssen, on Flickr

FWIW I've never found the UV sensitivity of my converted camera to be usable (and have seen comments from converters basically saying their MFT conversions are not suitable for UV). This has had me considering splashing out on a converted NEX5, which does see UV well.
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