Thread: For sale E-M5 MkI converted to IR
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Old 13th September 2018
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Re: E-M5 MkI converted to IR

My conversion was done by another company than Protech, and they wanted a lens to help make sure it was working correctly. But it works fine with all my many lenses - better with some than others, but that's usually down to the lens design and in particular some have hot spots, rather than having focussing issues.

Mine is a full-spectrum conversion, like Petrochemist's, and when I use without filters, it can be noticeably soft. With filters, the images are much sharper (usually - depends on lens).

Basically, if you have a few lenses, some will give better results than others.
With IR, my Pany 12-32 is very good; the 14-42 Oly (mark 1) is almost as good; my 9-18 4/3 with adapter doesn't give such good results, but is okay. My Sigma 60/2.8 is great. Some manual lenses are terrible ! Some give "interesting" results; others are very good.

Some of these lenses mentioned stay pretty good when used full-spectrum, others become better, others worse. All generally get softer, owing to more wavelengths being refracted, but this would not apply to raichea's camera, as it is IR-only.

(As an aside, I have a Sigma SD10, too, and one of my Sigma zoom lenses is fine when used normally, but gives out-of-focus quarter to only one side of the image when IR - it's unuseable !)
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