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Re: Sigma "Bigma" 50-500mm tale of woe with a happy ending!

Hi Chris

Glad you got the lens sorted and hopefully you can now enjoy its potential when you get it back, just a pain to carry about on a long day!

J Backer, ive posted up moon pics on another forum ill put the link to the pics, ive took a load of moon pictures much the bemusement of my gf who had to stand in the freezing cold with me opps. I read reviews saying that the lens went a little soft at 500mm so i took most of mine at 400-450 and they come out well, they were taken with an e400.

I thought it lacked a little sharpness but overall it sharpens up well. Have a look at the next picture in the bucket and it surprised me, the object was a good half mile away at least and pushing 50mph!

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