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Re: Need help with external microphones for video use..

Originally Posted by Ian View Post
I've been doing more homework on using microphones. It looks like my stereo tie-clip mic. does need extra power. It has a single AA battery battery box, but trying it out on my PC there is very little output. It's an electret condenser mic (Yoga EM-8), and I think these need 48V 'phantom power' to work properly? PC sound cards don't usually provide such power.

The SEMA-1 add-on for the E-P2 and E-PL1 does come with a stereo tie-clip mic, but I'm not sure what kind of microphone it uses.

I've seen in-line phantom power dongles - anyone tried these?

I would be surprised if an electret mic needed 48v, they are usually happy with 1.5 to 6v. However, if it has an inline preamp then it could need phantom for that.

If you are going to do recordings into a pc, and there is usb available, then M-audio do a nice cheapish USB audio preamp that handles phantom and proper pro mikes..

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