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Re: A dog is for life, not just for Brexit.

Originally Posted by Jim Ford View Post
The green and red navigation lights are the wrong way round!

Yes, exactly Jim (and Richard)!

I put this image on another forum a few months back but nobody there could work it out.

I should add; there are strict rules about the positioning of all navigation lamps, (not just port and starboard lamps) to minimise the risk of collision with other ships as in total darkness there are few clues to the heading of other vessels at sea. Strictly speaking only the port OR starboard Nav lamp should be visible at any one time unless the ship is viewed head on. Similar rules apply to aircraft. The image depicted with both port and starboard Nav lamps clearly visible from the starboard bow would never get past Lloyds.

The Titanic also looks to be very 'Light of Load' with far more boottop visible above the waterline than would ever be the case with a loaded passenger liner. (An empty VLCC or bulk carrier maybe.) If she was really floating that high above her load line I doubt that she would have sunk after striking the iceberg.

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