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Do We Rely Too Much on Electricity?

According to government legislation the sale of ICE (internal combustion engine) cars will be illegal from 2040 onwards, or earlier if environmental pressure groups get their way. Lorries, buses and even ferries will also become increasingly reliant on electricity.

There is pressure on government to electrify more and more of our railway network, and more recently, moves to ban the installation of mains gas supplies to newbuild houses for at least five years after completion - all in a bid to force householders to cook and heat with electricity which is claimed to be more eco-friendly than gas, but costs around five times as much per KW/Hr of energy.

Then yesterday the near simultaneous failure of two generators; one of which was an offshore wind farm with too much wind, resulted in paralysis of several areas around the country including much of central London, Ipswich, Newcastle-upon-Tyne and our railway network. BBC Report

Rather than rely entirely on electricity for our energy needs I would rather have more independence and redundancy in our supply network. We have seen that a bit of wind can paralyse our railways by bringing down short lengths of overhead power lines - a problem that diesels simply don't have, whilst even short term power cuts tend to have much longer term effects.

I would also have thought that there were more intelligent ways of reducing load on the grid than by randomly cutting off whole areas of the country.

With more and more demand on the grid things will only get worse. I cannot see the point of imposing fines on the National Grid or individual generators when it is in their interests to maintain supply and sell electricity.

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