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Re: W10 peek-a-boo for Junes update

Originally Posted by Wally View Post
My Lappie is an Lenovo which came with W8 pre-installed. I suffered for months and in the end purchased a W7 Pro installation disk. I then upgraded to W10 on the MS update offer and wasn't impressed. Again, after a while, I upgraded to W7 using the W7 Installation CD via the DVD / Bluray drive.

This time around, as the free update offer had expired 2 years or so ago, I downloaded the W10 OS Installation dowload facility from the provided link on the MS website.

As said earlier, the process was painless and, required no - Product Key - input from me to allow the process to complete. The W10 update process, as I understand it, is done digitally during the installation check process.

I can only presume it either works or it stays as is prior to the W10 update process. This links to the required procedure

Hope this helps?
Which answers the question I asked earlier, thanks.

From what you say, your laptop has already had Win 10 installed on it via the free upgrade when it was available. If that is correct, then perhaps your machine will have kept that information and allowed the update again without any more ado.
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