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Re: W10 peek-a-boo for Junes update

Originally Posted by pdk42 View Post
My experience with Win 10 on a Windows Surface Book 2 is appalling. Stability is poor and there are glitches in everything from the keyboard to the power management. Junk. And to top it all, the UI is as ugly as sin.
I use a Surface 3, with Windows 10, as a second computer (when in the lounge with it on my knees). I have rarely had any problem with it, it works very well with a mouse, and the pen works with MOST apps/programmes. It boots up in 20 seconds, and is reasonably fast with its i5 chip. I have used it for several years now, so that chip is of older generation I guess. The battery is beginning to have a shorter life, so may need replacing. The keyboard is not hot, but usable. The screen gives very good colour, but a little small for optimum use. The Surface is excellent for putting in the camera bag and taking away on holiday....

I have used Windows 10 since it was upgraded from W8, other than the update enforcement, it works very well for me....

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