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Re: Possible Olympus Convert

Here's my thoughts overlayed on Ian's list with a High Medium Low 'want' rating:

articulating screen ---------------------- High (if only it was 3" 930,000 )
12MP vs. 10MP ------------------------- Medium High
Improved noise management ------------ High but I didnt considered it an issue at the time on the E520*
Slightly faster shooting ----------------- Not considered an issue, but welcomed*
Slightly larger viewfinder ---------------- High (If only it was like the E3)
7 AF points instead of 3 ----------------- High
Optional battery grip -------------------- Not considered, though I find the the little BLS-1 batteries run out far quicker then the BLM-1. I covered Waddington Airshow 2007 and used two batteries all day, 100s of shots. Attending a recent Street shoot with Olympus Safari group I used 3 batteries over 4 hours/less shots. I have seven batteries ready for our holidays in two weeks and an extra charger from Amazon.
Illuminated controls for night time use --- Not considered an issue*

Improved LCD ------------------------- High
Greater ISO control -------------------- Low Medium
Art Filters ----------------------------- Not wanted, but having fun with them now!
Improved Liveview---------------------- Not sure if it is improved but the focusing is better, and its more enjoyable to use.

* Remember I am still a relative newbie myself, and some of these things may have been scrutinised more by Ian and the more experienced togs.
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