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Re: Forum Sill Plagued With Gateway Problems

Originally Posted by Naughty Nigel View Post
I rarely seem to get gateway problems as such but all too often the forum will just stop responding when submitting posts which then disappear into cyberspace.

In my own limited experience such problems are usually caused by incorrect gateway or DNS settings which should not take more than a few minutes to correct.

As for censorship; I accept there are limits to what should be tolerated in the way of 'free speech', but locking or deleting threads simply because a member of Admin doesn't like what is being said is a sign of weakness and insecurity; not strength or maturity. The fact that longstanding members such as John Heating Man have had their accounts terminated in recent times only serves to support this view.

I am happy to contribute to forum funds if reasonable free speech is allowed, but I will not make obsequious posts to win favour from anyone. That is not the way that I work.
In my limited experience, I've found different web browsers report the Gateway problem in different ways. I've had full page reports headed "Gateway Timeout" other reports stating "The Database has experienced a problem" and sometimes as Nigel reported, post simply vanishing when submitted with no report visible. This has been a problem on here since I first joined. As it is only on the 3 sites and as Jim states, nowhere else, it seems to be a problem local to this fora.

Regarding your comments on the censorship applied on here, I agree wholeheartedly with all your comments and applaud the fact you make them.

We recently had a case of a sexist, mysogynistic comment made by a member of the Admin Team and I acknowledge the person involved apologised for it but nothing was said and no censure applied by any other members of the Admin Team. Had the same comment been made by myself or other members and complained about, I can't help feeling the response may have been different.

Today, censorship has again been applied by Admin in the For Sale section of the forum. It really is beginning to feel more like a junior school than a forum comprised of very mature adult members.

On the other hand, in all these recent instances of censorship it is conceivable they could be the result of a member complaining via PM to the Admin Team. If that is actually the case, it would be far more open, understandable and reasonable if that fact was stated openly, even if the complainants identity was not disclosed. At least we would know it was not simply the single view and opinion of one Administrator.

I for one really enjoyed reading and sometimes contributing to the debates on here, heated or otherwise but recent instances of censure have poured cold water on that enjoyment. I agree with Nigel's comment about the forum becoming sterile and this can't possibly improve the chances of attracting new members.

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