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Re: Angry?

Originally Posted by Dewi9 View Post
Regarding 'toe rags' and 'disruptive pupils' we used to have 'Approved Schools' and 'Borstals', didn't we ?

What happened to them ?

I remember an 'Approved School' near where I lived and our school a football match against theirs. They came from all over the country, none were local.

I think they closed years ago, with those involved 'integrated' into mainstream education. There are still a number of Young Offenders Institutions but you only get sent to one of those if remanded or on the orders of a court.

Borstals and 'approved schools' were effectively boarding schools for naughty boys, but I think students were allowed some freedom so it would make sense for them to be located well away from home. I also suspect that in many cases 'home' was the problem.

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