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Pro-Capture Archery shots

Well gave it a try and ended up shooting over 1200 images even though I think I only pressed the shutter release about half a dozen times
So as expected I got lots of images, ok as such but really pretty boring. My main problem was actually knowing when the camera was capturing pre capture and when I'd actually released the shutter for real. The sensitivity that's usually there with the shutter release just seemed to be absent for some reason. Now maybe it was just the pressure of the task or maybe I just need more practise. Hmm I wonder if these thousands of shots add onto the shutter count? lots of practice would soon build up the count and wear out the shutter if so. Anyway here are 5 of the best release shots. Not too bad considering the arrow is probably traveling between 30-60mph.

Overall it was a pretty difficult thing to attempt made even more difficult by taking part myself and the rightly very strict health and safety precautions that limited where I could take shots from. Anyway a system that lets a complete novice like me take split second arrow in flight shots is pretty impressive in my book.
Put this in LFI to encourage ideas tips and critique for improvement in the future.
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