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Re: GF6 for infra-red conversion?

Originally Posted by MargaretR View Post
I should add that of course there's also the 'full spectrum' option, where they just remove whatever-it-is they remove, and don't add any internal filter. You can then add different wavelength filters to the front of the lens (like normal filters) to give you a working 720, or 590, or 830 or whatever, IR camera. Or indeed, normal light camera.

Not sure I'd do that myself, as you then need filters for all your lenses if they're different thread sizes, but it does give a very flexible range of options on the same body.
My model is a full spectrum converted one, and I really think anything else for mirrorless cameras is limiting the options needlessly. If it's done properly the hot mirror will be replaced with quartz (clear glass gives 2 spectrum as it blocks UV). Leaving the filter off completely affects the focusing. I tried that on the old compact camera I converted myself - which remains a close-up only camera till I do it again...

FWIW You don't need filters for all your lenses - stepping rings prevent that. In addition you can often simply hold a filter in front of the lens too. That's what I did today while testing a series of 30+ lighting gels, and it's worked well with lenses that don't have any filter threads like the 9mm BCL.
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