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Re: Sensor Cleaning

Originally Posted by MikeOxon View Post
I used to clean sensors myself, with wipes and 'eclipse' fluid. I have read, however, that it is unwise to do this on sensors with image stabilisation, because it is possible to damage the mechanism.

Has anyone any hard information?
There's no evidence that I've found to support the conjecture that careful cleaning can damage IBIS. On the contrary, camera shops across the world will clean your Olympus/Panasonic/Pentax/Sony camera just like they'd clean a Canon or Nikon. I'm pretty sure that LCE in London (where OP has his camera cleaned) have no Olympus specialist tool to clamp there IBIS or such like. In fact, I've watched the Olympus technicians at The Photography Show cleaning sensors and they just use swabs with cleaning fluid.

There are similar objections to owner cleaning that pop up from time to time regarding anti static coatings and the potential to remove them by wet cleaning. Again, I've seen no evidence to support this view. I think it's just internet chunter.

As to cleaning with IBIS on or off - my view is off for three reasons:

a) If the camera is turned on and you inadvertently touched the shutter button with the swab on the sensor then you'd wreck the shutter.

b) I can imagine that the force of cleaning will significantly exceed the forces that the IBIS is designed to handle. I can't think of what the consequences might be, but I think it's best to avoid it.

c) When turned off, the sensor moves freely within physical limits. Careful cleaning doesn't move it much, if at all, so I think it's a safe operation.
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