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Re: No Manual Focus Assist with the 17mm 1.8???

Originally Posted by Bikie John View Post
That must put you in a small minority of people who haven't engaged it accidentally and wondered why the camera won't focus Phill

You miss the point. I manual focus most of the time, to me you can hit focus on exactly what you want much quicker than faffing around with moving focus points in AF etc. It's not difficult to imagine a situation where I have the body set to MF, I see a shot lift the camera to capture that instant, try to focus (I for one, cannot focus quickly or to any degree of accuracy unassisted with a 17mm lens on a 4 thirds system), the assists don't kick in and in that moment lose a shot. Sure it would be a VERY rare scenario but my point remains valid - for manual photography this feature is LESS than useless. As a manual shooter, to me this lens would be better without this stupid functionality (and by that I mean engaging manual focus disables MF assists - think about that for a minute).
Maybe there is another person on this forum that shoots MF and can explain to me how useful it is?
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