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No Manual Focus Assist with the 17mm 1.8???

I purchased a 17mm 1.8 this afternoon and I'm surprised to find that when I pull the focus ring back, the camera goes into MF I have peaking but there is no magnification for MF assist. I checked the settings, clutch is operational, MF Assist is "On" for both peaking and magnification If I put the camera into MF on the body I get the magnification, but not if I use the focus ring to enable MF (and I am definitely in MF because it says so in the view finder and I can focus). Incidentally if I have MF set on the body I have magnification but if I pull the focus ring back I lose it.
I'm new to this system (OMD MI MKII) and the only only other lens I have is the 12-100 and that works just fine. Pull the ring back try focusing and I have magnification.
Is it just that 17mm doesn't have that facility. I can't understand why that would be. If that is the case I will be very disappointed as I only bought this lens over the Panasonic 20mm for this very feature. If I have to change to MF on the body I may as well have bought the Panasonic. Firmware is up to date on both body and camera.
Is it a faulty lens?
Am I missing something in settings?
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