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Re: HLD-4 power grip

Originally Posted by Jim Ford View Post
I'm still waiting for my HLD4. Do the instructions say that it'll work with non-rechargeable alkaline cells? If it does, maybe the difference between the 1.5V terminal voltage on the alkalines and 1.2V on the NiMh is the problem.
I've got plenty of BLM-1s, but it'll be mega-irritating if you can't use NiMhs and therefore share with other equipment using the same!

Jim Ford
That could be the explanation but most equipment which takes AA alkaline batteries will also work with rechargeables. A BLM-1 is 7.2v, the same as six 1.2v rechargeables. CR123As, which are 3v totalling 9v, work in the camera but not the grip. The fact that Ian can't get alkalines to work either suggests there may be a problem. I'll be interesting to hear how he gets on with lithiums. The instructions only mention BLM-1 together with alkaline and lithium AA.
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