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Re: HLD-4 power grip

Originally Posted by Ian View Post
Just thought I'd mention that I haven't had any luck with standard alkaline AAs (even with the battery indicator showing full the shutter would not fire), nor NiMH rechargeables (battery flat indicated immediately). I understand this follows the experiences of several others. I'll query it with Olympus in the new year.

I'll get a set of Lithium AAs in due course to try those.

I've tried mine with the 3xCR123A battery holder that came with my E500 SE kit. The battery holder works OK in the camera body but not in the HLD4. The camera focuses and gives the usual info in the viewfinder but the shutter does not fire. It works if there is a BLM-1 in the HLD4 with the 3xCR123A holder but of course you've no idea of which battery is actually doing the job.

I've also tried with 6 fully charged 2400MA NMh batteries (four of one and two of another manufacture). The camera gives a brief acknowledgement of their presence before saying the battery is empty.

To be fair it must be said that the HLD instuctions do not mention being able to use CR123As or rechargeables but nor do they say you can't use them

It would be interesting to know how the HLD4 handles two batteries. I have little electrical knowledge but my understanding of ordinary 12v lead acid batteries is that for them to work best in parallel they must both be of the same type and same capacity. Does it matter if you use a mix of Olympus and third party batteries and what happens if the state of charge of one is different to that of the other when you put them both in?

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