Thread: HELP! Been offered an EP2
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Old 24th February 2015
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Re: Been offered an EP2

HAHA John, I think that might be pushing it a bit.. Thanks Guys :-)

The person I'm buying it from is going to dig it all out over the next few days so it looks like by Friday I should be firmly back having a Oly camera again.

The camera hasn't been used for 3 years so its sitting doing nothing at the moment, I hope to put it to the test at the weekend and even have a derelict lined up for said test.

Can't wait. Wonder if there is a cheap wide angle lens for micro 4/3rds

I wonder if I can even take/post process a photograph anymore, feeling a bit nervous having to learn it all again.

Thanks for welcoming me back, I've noticed a lot of people seem to come back to Olympus after being away or using another make of camera. I can't help feeling Olympus is like a personal life choice and it becomes part of you for some reason. Maybe I'm just being a nostalgic old fool
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