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Re: Half case, yes or no?

Originally Posted by byegad View Post
I'm tempted to buy a half case for my EP3. Not so much to bling it up, but to protect the bottom of the camera as I seem to be carrying it around on a sling most of the time and am looking for some impact protection which this case would provide.

I have a couple of questions.

1. Has anyone used this and the firm advertising it?
2. Do you have any comments on the use of this sort of thing for a bit of extra protection?

Many thanks.
I have a Gariz half case fitted to my EP5, it fits like a glove and is very well made. It must offer some protection even though the back and part of the sides are exposed (for good reason of course), but it makes holding the camera so more pleasurable in terms of feel and balance. I got mine from lovecases, chose the company as it's UK based rather than going via eBay for a direct import. Get one I think you'll not regret it.

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