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Re: HLD6 Query

Originally Posted by Ricoh View Post
Naughty Nigel,
I wouldn't be too confident about rain being 'pure'. It may well pick up contamination on its way down, some of which will be ionic in nature (i.e containing charge carriers). Electronics is the control of charge carriers, introduce extraneous numbers of these and hell breaks out in the electronics world.
Steve, I cannot argue with the science, which is sound, but these are low voltage circuits, so I would have hoped that Olympus' engineers would have designed the circuits with low enough impedance not to be adversely affected by a bit of clean-ish moisture should it find its way past the weather seals. After all, it is supposed to work in the real world.

(New circuit boards are routinely washed in distilled water to remove flux residues, so water per se should not pose a problem.)

Ross, it definitely isn't a stuck shutter button. What happens is that ALL THREE of the shutter buttons (including the camera's own shutter button) become super-sensitive whenever the [faulty] grip is attached, and will fire the shutter with the slightest touch.

(In other words, adding the grip changes the camera's focusing mode.)

The problem seems to be within the first (Landscape) grip. Adding the Portrait grip only extends the problem to another shutter button!

However, as explained earlier, a new HLD-6 Landscape grip resolves the problem. Unfortunately, the Landscape grip doesn't seem to be available separately.

Depending on Olympus' repair/warranty charges I would be tempted to take it apart myself, but there doesn't seem to be an obvious way of getting in.

Naughty Nigel

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