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Re: Hover flies in the garden

Originally Posted by brian1208 View Post
Will you stop posting these images Alf, they are so good that I'm thinking of giving up macro work!

More remarkable work and the first is an impressive demonstration of what is possible without a dedicated macro lens

How does the 40-150 cope with the weight of the raynox?
The Raynox MCR 250 is not very large or heavy really so its fine. It is no more than a Cokin P filter set upand a couple of filters. You can achieve much more magnification with it than this example.

Originally Posted by Jim Gordon View Post
What focal length and aperture do you find best with the 40-150?, I bought the Raynox after seeing the results that you were getting but am struggling to get the full bug in focus with DOF being so narrow.

It must be the can't be me
It is not at all easy to get anything in focus with the set up. It mostly moving the camera back and forth from the subject as the focusing doesnt do much though zooming in and out is more useful. Practice on a static subject first is my advice. I use f8 to f11 mostly but I am using flash mostly too or upping the ISO to maybe 1600 on the rare occasion I do not use flash but diffusion is the to flash.

Originally Posted by DavidJ1609 View Post
Number five for me as well, it just puts the bug nicely into its environment.

That Raynox can deliver great results. I've seen it put to great use with butterflys and larger creatures.

Was this all on a tripod?

Well I reckon a Raynox mcr 250 would have you struggling with a butterfly to get it all in even at 40mm.
I do not use a tripod as I would get no shots at all I reckon.

I will do some shots to show magnification and focus distance with various combinations and add them to THIS thread.
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