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E620, E300, grips, 17.5-45, 0.2x fisheye adapter (37mm dia)

Having a bit of a clear out, I guess.

I have an E300, maybe 5000 shutter count, body shows some signs of wear.
Body cap, 4GB SanDisk CF card, generic charger / battery, but no box.

I have an E620. Body shows signs of use, and shutter count maybe 40 000
(from a twin lens kit, but intend to keep the lenses to use with my E1). Has body cap, box and stuff, but no lenses. I'll include a CF memory card (probably 4GB SanDisk, as that's what I mostly have) and a battery / charger (battery may be generic).

I have grips for the E300 and the E620.
The grip for the 620 is Oly, but very annoying in that one of the slots never seems to give up its battery, whether Oly or not. So, I have used the grip mainly on a tripod for convenience of changing batteries, and not "in the field". Has a box. E300 grip doesn't.

I have one lens, the 17.5-45 in reasonable condition, with end cap and non-Oly lens cap plus UV filter on the whole time I've owned it.

I have one unopened Olympus Camedia 0.2x fisheye conversion lens with RT-1 tripod mount and the plastic adapters CLA-2 and CLA-3. The lens has a 37mm diameter thread - maybe "not a lot of people know that" - BUT the lens system protrudes behind the thread. So, it is not suitable for many 37mm dia. lenses. It IS if you put in a glassless filter between the lens and the fisheye converter, but this obviously affects the image circle. I bought two of these intending to try Kite Aerial Photography, and have used one, but not on a kite. (I got two 'cos I figured one would eventually end up damaged on the ground !).

The E300 / lens / grip was second hand, extremely low shutter count (from SRS, actually).

The E620 / grip were bought new, but the 620 has been well-used, if carefully !

The fisheye adapter is new.

I have also started a separate thread for my Sigma body / a couple of SD lenses.

I haven't put prices, sorry, as I'm a bit of a hoarder, but will un-hoard if the price is right, or the persuasion is persuasive enough ! Basically, make me a low-sensible offer for whatever you are interested in. Your main competitors are Ffordes and The Real Camera Company, and anybody that will come to Manchester and save me the hassle of packing / postage !

I'm in Manchester, and would be more than happy to meet in the vicinity to show off any of the gear beforehand - but please bear in mind, I don't have a car, so I'd cycle to the meeting place :-) Or post, RMSD, of course.

Edit: I've mostly converted to m4/3, hence the need to create a bit more shelf space - but not too much :-)

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