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Re: One thing many existing Olympus users expect from the new camera - BIF!

Ian I think you are baiting us so take this.

There are some stunning BIF here. It is a shame that some of the most difficult are not taken with an Olympus.

I agree with Ian and what others are saying that there is a skill as with all types of photography. Itís about having the eye watching the light. But for BIF the first thing you need is location ,then you need to get close, then you need the right equipment and skill to use it and finally you need to watch study the movements and loads of time and patience. Birds have different types of flying patterns different sizes some fast some slow some flap like the clappers others hardly flap at all. So for me there is a lot to try and capture. I have said that location is important and I try to visit places that cater for birdwatching photography. The one thing I have noticed is that when I go to such events I have never seen another Oly E system user. It does suggest to me that Oly is not up to the mark for BIF. I would love to see the others output but never do.

Here are a few I have taken. There are some more in my gallery.

This one worked because of AFC. I had been watching this heron but missed its strike. I heard it splash, I turned round saw and held the shutter button down and got a whole set of pictures.

You need to get close. Its not always about long telephoto lenses this one used a 12-60mmswd at 12mm AFC. Just held the camera out paparazzi stile

Not all BIF need AFC this was take using MF.

Do you want singles



or flocks.


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