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Re: E-420 converted to full spectrum

Hi everyone!

Phil D - I'll try and get a how I did it post up soon - I've taken the pictures but I need to edit them a bit first (and my free trial of paintshop pro just ran out , I guess I'll have to decide if I'm going to buy it or photoshop elements)

Tom / Paul - Thanks very much

Mike J - I'd love one of those B+W filters, but they cost more than the whole conversion did Mine is a cheapy from china just to prove the point that it works (maybe not better value, but only 14)

Ian - the only time I have noticed moire (excuse the lack of / above e - can't figure out how to make this computer do it!) is shooting at a testcard designed to test the high speed cameras we use in work - otherwise I'm just noticing a greater level of detail in the pictures - for example in the picture of bidston hill trig point in my album there are some gorse bushes on the right hand side - on the full size image you can see every thorn! As for the AF system - it seems to work as normal with the hot mirror, when using the IR filters I'm only using LiveView so far and it seems to work well with the contrast AF. The LiveView and contrast AF was the main reason I chose to modify the E-420 rather than the E-500 I'd originally bought for the project.

Alf - I believe that Ian has a IR converted E-PL1 available for hire, which was professionally converted (I certainly don't consider myself a professional camera technician!) which may be better for you to use as mine seems to have a couple of spots on at the moment (I'm going to strip it again next week to try and remove them).

Finally can I say thankyou to everyone for their interest in this my first thread - I really feel welcome in this community!
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