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Warning Don't Bank with Bank of Scotland

After my issues a few weeks ago with my BoS credit card being the subject of a 4.5k fraud they've now cocked up my online bank accounts due to their 'systems upgrade'. This now requires them to call you if they suspect a transaction. Problem is despite getting my cellphone number wrong and me correcting it, then them subsequently sending a text to the correct number to say I had changed contact details (!) they subsequently got the number incorrect again with the same wrong number. When I corrected it again they then informed me that my internet banking would be suspended for 7 days whilst they checked this number. This was done on Monday and my daughter is getting married on Saturday. I had already called them last week to inform them I would be making larger and more transactions this week. I now cannot make any. I went into my branch and spoke to a manager who cannot do anything as it is 'the system'. I now need to go to the branch and draw out cash to pay wedding suppliers as they cannot process electronic transactions to other than BoS accounts at the counter. I cannot transfer money from my internet savings account to my current account to draw on funds. Luckily I get paid tomorrow.
I am moving to Nationwide asap.
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