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Re: Lens orientation annoyance

Originally Posted by fotofundi View Post
Does anyone know a source of stick-on raised red 'buttons'?
One of the most annoying things for me about the Olympus non-pro lenses is the absence of the red 'button' that provides the means to feel the correct orientation of the lens when mounting it on the camera body. It can be both time consuming and frustrating looking for a painted red dot to get the lens in the correct position - and in low light this can actually become impossible.
Presumably the absence of the raised 'button' that was a standard feature of practically every film-era lens has been a cost-cutting exercise, but in reality just how much has been saved I wonder? A few cents perhaps, but IMO the annoyance this creates far outweighs the tiny cost.
Panasonic are not immune from this although I think they put a button on all but kit lenses - there is certainly one on my 20mm, but the absence of a raised button on my Olympus 12mm, 45mm, 60mm & 75mm (and probably all other non 'Pro' lenses) is worse than not including a lens hood in the purchase price - at least there are plenty of third party suppliers for these, but none, it seems, for red 'buttons'.
I am amazed that few, if any, reviewers have castigated Olympus for this omission.
Try an ebay search for "self adhesive rubber feet" or similar.

May be slightly too large, 6mm is the smallest I've found, but possibly better than nothing and won't mark the lens.

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