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Re: Light Meter issues

Hi there Kaz!

Did you have an aperture ring in the composer or was it at f2 - because that overexposure could be possible even at 1/4000th in really bright sunlight - especially if not at a low ISO. Another thought is that there might be an issue with the sensor for the metering. I could be wrong but isn't it under the mirror, with a small secondary mirror diverting some of the light down to it through the semi-transparent main mirror. If there is a piece of debris in the area of this sensor it could be blocking some (or the majority) of the light - causing the over exposure.

The other possibility is that the shutter is slow - leaving a larger gap between the blades than it should at speeds faster than 1/125th (I think). This would again lead to overexposure. It would be interesting to see how the metering compares between your two cameras in a controlled (and quite dark) situation - shooting at a test card indoors at low ISO to give a slow shutter speed (maybe 1/6th of a second) and seeing what the faulty camera say's the speed should be. If it works better in the darker conditions than the bright light it maybe that the shutter is slow.

Hope this helps,


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