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Re: Photography in Public Places

Originally Posted by insider View Post
If your opinion is that the satisfaction you get from a street image is so great that you can ignore potential damage to other peoples mental health then go ahead.
You seem to be suggesting we should not take photos which contain any human images in case someone's tender sensitive feelings or mental health may be compromised. That being the case, this also means all TV outside broadcasts, news and public interest programs should be banned on the off chance someone is offended by being pictured in the background. Maybe this should also include landscape photography just in case a farmer has a mental breakdown having been pictured driving his tractor or tending his flock.

Sorry but your statement has to be one of the most ridiculous I've had the misfortune to read on here in a very long time. I would suggest if someone is so traumatised by having a camera or indeed a phone aimed in their direction within a public place then the problem lies directly with them and not with the person holding the camera.

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