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Saving the camera settings

As I may have to change camera bodies I tried out the Olympus Camera Updater to save the settings I have already made to the camera.

I then tried to interpret the saved files to see what I could see.
The Full set of settings were not understandable with out a program to read them, the text view was not easily comprehensible

The MySet data looks as if it could be human readable - but as I had not set up any MySets I was not able to interpret the data.

So more news when and if I load the data into a new body.

Interesting to note that Oly are using a new style of USB socket and plug, this is the third type I have, it means that if taking the MKi and MKii on a trip one needs to take two different types of USB cables and two types of batteries and chargers. I suppose it is to incentivise us to buying two Mkiis
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