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Re: 10 Hour Working Week

Originally Posted by OM USer View Post
The three day week was not a good idea but was forced on us by necessity (I use the word advisedly and with no political bias). I wonder if that led to a brief reduction in CO2 and pollution and whether those who remember it thought it was enviromentally a good thing.
More recently we had a period of several days when all flights were grounded after the 911 attacks. It was said that average temperatures dropped by about three degrees over the period. However, a lot of meteorological monitoring stations are based at airports so those figures need to be viewed with caution. Nevertheless, it would be interesting to know whether the data from this period yielded any useful information.

More recently still there was another period of reduced aviation activity following eruption of the volcano in Iceland, but in that case I suspect the emissions from the volcano might distort the figures just a little.

There was also a period about twenty years ago when fuel tanker drivers went on strike for a few days which resulted in much lighter road traffic.

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