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Re: Playing with PRO capture...

Originally Posted by drmarkf View Post
Nice, Paul!
Id have thought youd perhaps be OK at 1/2500 for that sort of shot - certainly worth trying that to eke out the ISO. If its not sharp enough, try another click faster, then another.

This is another example why Id be very pleased with just 2/3-1 stop better signal-to-noise performance for the next 4/3 sensor. Currently the 1ii and X are OK for shooting fast stuff for most of a bright day at up to ISO3200, which is usually my quality limit, but reasonably often in the U.K. things arent quite that bright.
I'm finding 1/4000th is the minimum speed, so far I've managed to get down to ISO6400, but it's a little cloudy at the moment, and due to brighten up (if you believe the forecast)

I'd like to get f8 as the depth of field helps with the birds veering off away or towards me as they fly out... but we'll see!

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