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Re: Playing with PRO capture...

Originally Posted by Internaut View Post
Looks great at this viewing size. Are you able to attempt tracking AF and widen the Aperture? Or does the bird emerge from cover very suddenly? With respect to the reflector, youíll be at the mercy of the recycle times of whatever strobe you're using (assuming you donít have something continuous like and LED). Would be interesting to see how the light falloff affects the photo in that type of scenario (for environments portraits, Iíve seen that used to creative effect).
I haven't gone down the artificial lighting route - yet - I was intending to use the reflector for natural light, as the sun shines past the tree, but only hits this particular branch for 10 minutes per day... so was going to try and shine a bit back at the birds exit...

Tracking and AF simply don't cope with the speed of the things, at 60 FPS you get a bird on three frames, so I've ended up going for manual preset focussing, and hope...

I've set the pro capture up to get 25 frames per attempt and then I go through and only copy the few that are worth looking at across... I've tried reducing the numbers but the reaction time of a bird coming into or out of such confined areas simply isn't consistent...

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