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Re: Forum Sill Plagued With Gateway Problems

Originally Posted by Darkroom View Post
I would suggest the comment quoted (mine), was not so much personal and disrespectful but made with sarcasm and a hint of tongue in cheek and in response to the comment "This seems to me like a lot of quibbling for no good reason."

If the other person concerned or someone else complained about my comment in PM, thats fine and I accept your criticism and admonishment of my post. If not, IMHO it was a case of heavy handed needless moderation and censorship. Closing the thread was also IMHO not necessary but as a member of the Admin Team it is of course your decision and perogative to do so.

I can confirm that no complaint was received but in my judgement the post was unacceptable. Of course, I could have simply deleted your post and let the thread continue, but also in my judgement the thread was dragging out a situation that had already been resolved and was drifting off topic. You may not like my judgement but as you say, it is my prerogative.

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