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Re: Considering upgrading to the Mark II and have a few questions.

Originally Posted by birdboy View Post
The first image was from Rockingham during one of Olympus's experience days. The bike iamges from the Isle of Man Classic TT 2017.

I only use Low anti-shock sequential frame rate about 5-7 fps in CAF. Each frame is refocused. In High Sequential frames rate only the first frame is focused.

Not sure what you mean by real time viewing because you cannot with a mirrorless. There is an option to have a high frame rate in the EVF under gear D2 which I use.
There is still a slight delay with the EM1 MKII but I think you can adjust to it. I am sure the E-M1X having more processing power is better still but for me and I am happy getting what I get and could not justify the huge cost step to get the faster focus.
Ahh, it looks a bit like the Melbourne hairpin at Donington

Interesting about continuous hi not refocussing between shots. I know the EM1 was like this but I'm pretty sure they changed this with the update 3.0 (as long as you selected 9fps and slower), so I'm surprised that the Mark II doesn't re-focus between shots. Mind you, if continuous lo goes up to 10fps you don't really need more than that

With regards to what I mean about viewing real time is that with continuous high the image you see in the viewfinder is the shot you've just taken, so you are always behind the action so to speak. Granted at 9fps (on the EM1) that's only potentially 1/9th behind (plus blackout) but when you're panning cars at 120+mph from a close distance that can make a difference. With continuous low you are seeing the actual live view through the viewfinder (barring the tiny EVF lag) and so it's much closer to what you'd see when shooting with a DSLR. There's still blackout, but you obviously get that with DSLR too and I'm used to that, it doesn't interrupt me following the target. Not seeing an 'up to date' image in the viewfinder makes this very difficult for me. I'm sure with practice you just get used to it and make allowances, but as I swap from DSLR to M4/3 it's not an easy transition.

Anyway, I've figured out how to see the real time view in sequential shooting now so that's fine. I'll give it a go next time I'm at Donington
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