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Re: Camera Conspiracies and the EM1x

Originally Posted by Internaut View Post
I think thatís the point of it. And then there's the cost. A Sony 600mm f4 lens costs the best part of £10000. An optically superb Olympus 300mm f4 gives little change from £2000. The full frame DoF difference? Pull the other one! If anything, having twice the in focus area, for a given aperture, is a big advantage at that kind of tele. Add to that the Olympus kit will be far smaller and lighter, with better combined IS, and the argument is compelling.
In my view, the DoF difference is not really about having twice as much in focus. DoF is pretty thin at those big magnifications anyway and having a bit more isn't going to cover up for any missed focus. Rather, the key difference is how the out of focus areas are rendered. The 300mm f/4 is a lovely lens, and I use it for as much as the rugby season as the light permits. But once we get into the murky days of deep winter I switch to the old 4/3 90-250 f/2.8 and I definitely think the out of focus rendering is nicer. But not nicer enough to justify lugging the extra bulk when the light doesn't demand it!

It's good to have the choice. If you have a very fat bank balance and a sherpa to carry the kit for you I'm sure a 600mm f/4 on "full frame" will produce gorgeous results. 4/3, and Micro 4/3 in particular, gives the rest of us an option to get nearly as good results in a much cheaper, smaller and lighter package.

Despite being in the apparent target audience for the E-M1X I am not convinced at the moment, because of its size. But all we have at present is rumours so I'm not going to start ranting and hyperventilating until I've had the chance to get hands-on with one.

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