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Re: Moving to Microfourthirds

Id say a second-hand EM1i bought from a reputable dealer with a guarantee is a fantastic bargain these days.

Shed lose very little in resale value while getting used to the system, and seeing what the new body releases bring and how much depreciation occurs to the E-M1ii. Everyone gets stoked up in to a buying frenzy when new high-end bodies are launched, and a lot of it is shown to be hype in the cold light of day.

The troubles I had with PENs (not the -F) were ergonomic - the dials and buttons were vague and fiddly compared to the OMDs, and add on finders are a right pain for anything more than occasional use. Mine were always becoming part-detached when I took the camera out at critical moments. Maybe these aspects are better with the latest models, but Id strongly suggest trying one out for a good long time before jumping if you are going that way.

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