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Re: E3 problems - again!

Originally Posted by tlove View Post

I'm so sorry to hear of your E-3 problems - you have my complete sympathy!

I've not had my E-3 to use much at all this summer, as I've had about as much luck as you. I got my E-3 back in December, and got the free grip as well. This didn't work with the E-3 from the outset. The grip went back to Oly, came back and still didn't work. Took the lot back to where I got it from, they couldn't make it work either. All went back to Oly again, who confirmed problems with both grip and E-3 . Returned 'repaired', still none of it worked (it's July by now), so Olympus agreed to replace the lot.

New camera is fantastic, but a suspected problem with the Bigma now manifested itself in it's full glory. After speaking to Sigma, they asked me to send the camera and lens to them. It's now been confirmed that there is a faulty chip in the lens. They 'hope' to return it to me next week .

At least I've managed to get hold of an E-1 now, so I'm not completely stuck for taking photos any more, but I think I'd have gone completely bonkers by now if I didn't!

I was aware of your problem with the Bigma but did not know about the E3/ Grip issue. Looks like its two of us that have had a replacement camera from Oly.
I hung on to the E500 (Thank goodness) when I purchased the E3. Its kept me sane when the E3 or Lens have been faulty. I have to say though, the E500 is in a class of its own for reliability. Its been heavily used with no problems (touch wood). This is what I had expected from the E3.

Cheers for now

Best Regards

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