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Re: Which Camera to dip toe in water

Originally Posted by Spy View Post
You are not far wrong David.

One of the otehr reasons of dipping the toe in with a cheaper body is to see what happens on the OMD front i.e. price drop and/or new model in the winter.

My intention is to either get a used E-PL2 with Olympus lenses or a new GF3 with Panny lenses which I can then use on an OMD body.

There are two GF3 kits, one with a 14-42mm and one with a 14mm prime hence my question.
Having the XZ-1 with its great low f stop lens and the PL2 with not so great low light ability m14-150 lens, and always having been a zoom lens fan, I think it would be great to have the choice with the OM-D of zooms+high ISO or primes+cropping. The PL2 doesn't have either the high ISO capability or sensor size to do as well. Still way too pricey for me though!
Having said that, I could sell all my other 43 and m43 kit and afford one but the OM-D teething troubles would still make me wait for a successor.

-XZ-1 * VF-2+EP-9
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