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Old 6th June 2008
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Re: AA batteries

I picked up my E3 on Tuesday after being repaired by Olympus, faulty shutter button. Out of curiosity I tried my E-3's AA battery holder to see if there was any difference.

I used a (fresh) set of bog standard Energizer alkaline AA batteries. Nothing fancy, just the cheapos. I managed to rattle off 30-40 shots before the low battery warning came on but it didn't stop or lock-up. Time didn't permit me to run it until it stopped but I imagine I may have been able to double that figure.

Before my E3 went in for repair it would only manage about 10-20 shots then give up and that was with the same type of battery. Well, it beat me as to why it now works but it does. The cameras firmware is v1.1 if that means anything.

Regards - Paul
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